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Come by and try out the guitars at your leisure

At the Cyan Custom Shop in Hamburg you will find a fine selection of different Cyan Guitars models. Touching, feeling and testing a guitar is the most important part when buying a custom guitar, besides the optics of course. At Cyan Guitars, you can try out any available guitar in a relaxed atmosphere and see if it suits you. I will be happy to advise you and explain the respective features and tonal characteristics.

It is best to contact me in advance by phone or e-mail so that we can make an appointment. If you would like to order immediately, you can of course also do so by e-mail or phone:
+49(0)40 3480276
I look forward to seeing you.

All models currently available can be found below.


The first models of the brand new Versatile 30th Anniversary Classic Edition are now available at the Cyan Custom Shop. Attention all T-style fans, there’s something for everyone!

Versatile - Golden Bee

Versatile - Golden Bee - Custom Shop
Price 5.299,- €

Versatile - Golden Eye

Versatile T-style guitar Golden Eye | Custom ShopVersatile Telecaster Golden Eye | Custom Shop
Price 4.699,- €

Versatile - Orange Drop

Versatile T-style guitar - Orange Drop | Cyan Custom Shop
Price 4.499,- €

Versatile - Green Classic

Versatile T-style guitar - Green Classic | Cyan Guitars
Price 4.499,- €


If you want to have some fun with drop tunings again, the Ultimate Rhythm Guitar is just right for you. Optimized for modern tunings from E to drop-C, it offers a completely new sound dimension.

Ultimate - Red Cherry

Ultimate - Red Cherry | Cyan Guitars
Price 4.399,- €


The single cut, solid body rock guitar – a classic in the Cyan Custom Shop.

Hellcaster - Double Dragon

Hellcaster - Double Dragon | Cyan Guitars
Price 3.899,- €


The modern old school guitar. Whether rocky or gentle, with this semi-solid body guitar you can realize all modern guitar sounds.

FU Signature Guitar

The signature model in black metallic high gloss finish with the unmistakable guitar sound of Farin Urlaub is one of my finest instruments and not only delights the Die Ärzte fans!


In consultation with the artist, this noble guitar is available at a very special price of 4,450,- €. Each year, only a strictly limited edition of 6 guitars is produced, which are only available on pre-order due to the complex design.

Baritone Guitars

Eye in eye with the low-end! Whether clean or highgain, with these guitars you get definition, dynamics and control over the very deep tunings. Available as Hellcaster, Breed, Zodiac or V6 model.

Zodiac Excalibur - 29" Baritone - Blackburst

Zodiac Excalibur Baritone Guitar - Blackburst | Cyan Guitars
Price 4.999,- €

7-String Guitars

If 6 is not enough, then just get one more! With 7 strings and scales from 27.6″ to 31″, 7-string guitars allow exactly those tunings that cannot be reproduced by a conventional guitar. Available as HellcasterZodiac or V7 model.

Hellcaster 7 - 27,6" Baritone - Copperfade

Hellcaster 7 - 27" Baritone - Copperfade | Cyan Guitars
Price 4.599,- €

V7 - 29" Baritone Gitarre - Living Colour

V7 - 29" Baritone - Living Colour | Cyan Guitars
Price 4.499,- €

V7 - 29" Baritone guitar -

V7 - 7-String Baritone - Tobaccoburst | IN STOCK
Price 4.799,- €

Zodiac 7 - 30,8" Baritone (ext. Range) - Blackburst

Zodiac - 7 String | Cyan Guitars
Price 4.799,- €