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Noble woods, high-quality workmanship and attention to detail make every Cyan custom guitar a unique instrument with diverse sounds and best playability.

For 30 years, I have been a luthier of passion and develop and build custom made guitars of the highest quality. From the body, neck, the finish to the individual Cyan custom parts, I build every guitar in the finest craftsmanship.

Each instrument can be customized according to your wishes or developed together with you. You can choose between models with normal scale, baritone guitars for deeper tunings, 7-string or extended range guitars. I take my time and I am happy to advise you in detail by e-mail, phone or with a delicious cup of coffee at my Hamburg based workshop.

Custom made guitar - luthier - Cyan Guitars

Versatile – 30th Anniversary Classic Edition

The modern T-Style custom made guitar

The Versatile is a modern vintage custom made guitar in T-style, which I designed for my company anniversary – according to the style of the house. This exquisite classic edition is a result of 30 years’ experience in custom guitar making and all my passion!

Finest combinations of wood – from swamp ash to khaya-mahogany to the classic alder body – take the twang back to stage in a modern interpretation. Ergonomic shapings and a screwed neck made of bird’s eye maple, give each instrument a special touch, while the scales of 25.6″ or 26.3″ offer the ideal solution for all tunings.

Optimal adjustment possibilities are obtained by a dual-action truss rod and the harmonic saddle bridge provides the perfect intonation. The attention to detail of this 30th Anniversary Classic Edition will make the heart of every T-style fan beat faster! The Versatile custom guitar is available in different nitro paint finishes and the pickups can be freely selected.

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Versatile - Silver Camo

Available from 4.499,- €

Versatile - Orange Drop

Available from 4.499,- €

Versatile - Green Classic

Available from 4.499,- €

Versatile - Golden Eye

Available from 4.699,- €

Versatile - Golden Bee

Available from 5.299,- €

Versatile - Vintage White

Available from 4.499,- €

Versatile - Red Candy

Available from 4.499,- €

Ultimate Rhythm Guitar

The ultimate custom made guitar for tunings from e to drop-c

The Ultimate Rhythm Guitar, developed in 2018 together with producer Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios, Stockholm), offers a completely new sound dimension. The slightly extended scale of this custom guitar ignites an extremely precise sound reproduction in all tunings. From E to drop-C, it delivers a perfect balance of tonality and optimal playability. Whether live or in the studio.

The Ultimate Rhythm Guitar is used in many international guitar productions by world famous artists and can be heard on the current albums of Amorphis, Sepultura, Powerwolf or Epica for example.

A khaya mahogany body and a glued ovangkol neck with ebony fretboard make this Ultimate Custom Guitar a true exceptional instrument. Available as single and double cut version.

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Ultimate - Green Dragon

Available from 4.799,- €

Ultimate - Silver Dragon

Available from 4.799,- €

Ultimate V6 - Metallic Cherry

Available from 4.399,- €

Ultimate V6 - Silverburst

Available from 4.399,- €

FU Signature Guitar

The precious Signature model - not just for fans of the band Die Ärzte

Farin Urlaub Signature Guitar | Cyan Custom Guitars

The FU Signature Guitar is the live guitar of Farin Urlaub.

After the first limited series, now comes the further development of the FU Signature Guitar, the FU Signature 18+. It impresses not only with its metal applications and its new noble black metallic high-gloss finish, but also with its distinctive sound.

“Tom from Cyan Guitars has been able to build every unusual instrument for me – from my many stage guitars to a sounding tennis racket to the perfect studio all-round guitar, the FU Signature. I am glad and grateful to be able to work with such a talented and diverse wood artist and sound master!”

 (Farin Urlaub )

Farin Urlaub and Thomas Harm, Cyan Guitars

FU Signature 18+

Available from 4.450,- €

Black Hawk

Not for sale


The modern old school guitar

The Breed is a variant of the classic FU Signature custom guitar.

The glued ovangkol neck, a fixed custom bridge (string-through) and a semi-solid body made of swamp ash with maple top, give a unique transparency and assertiveness.

Whether rocky or mellow, with this semi-solid body guitar all modern sounds are possible. Individual design variants are available upon request. Also available as a baritone guitar.

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Breed - Golden Age

Available from 5.499,- €

Breed - Players White

Available from 4.499,- €


The classic single cut, solid body guitar

The Hellcaster is a classic single cut, solid body custom guitar, developed for the 20th anniversary of Cyan Guitars. A string-through custom bridge and the glued ovangkol neck give this custom made guitar its irresistible punch for all modern rock sounds. From crystal clear to highgain. Combined with a body made of swamp ash or khaya mahogany, the Hellcaster is a first-class result of German craftsmanship, paired with top quality components for the best possible playing experience.

Optionally, different pickup combinations of humbucker, single coil or mini-humbucker can be selected. Also available as baritone and 7-string guitar.

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Hellcaster - Players White

Available from 3.899,- €

Hellcaster - Double Dragon

Available from 3.899,- €

Hellcaster - Blackburst

Available from 3.899,- €

Hellcaster - RedBurst

Available from 4.299,- €


The solid body guitar for rock and metal sounds

The Zodiac is a classic solid body guitar inspired by old Mosrite models. A rock axe without compromise in an extravagant look.

It is designed to deliver the intensity of modern rock and metal sounds. The glued ovangkol neck and the ash body, give this custom made guitar an excellent tone and dynamics range while finest custom parts make the Zodiac a special eye-catcher on stage and in the studio.

Also available as baritone and 7-string guitar.

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Zodiac - Blackburst

Available from 3.899,- €

Zodiac - Lucifer

Available from 3.899,- € - in similar versions

Baritone and 7-string guitars - scales from 27,6" to 31"

Scales for the very deep tunings

Hellcaster 7-String custom made guitar | Cyan Guitars

There is a new spectrum of sounds that can be generated with a baritone guitar. Scales from 27.6″ to 31″ provide the best possible sound for all deep tunings.

Whether, clean or highgain, these custom made guitars provide definition, dynamics and control in the low end. Modern player-oriented features and finest craftmanship make them unique instruments for stage and studio.

Available as Hellcaster, Zodiac or V7 model.

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Hellcaster - 29" Baritone HB - Players White

Available from 4.399,- €

Hellcaster - 29" Baritone SC - Players White

Available from 4.399,- €

Hellcaster - 29" Baritone - Blackburst

Available from 4.499,- €

Hellcaster - 29" Baritone - Living Colour

Available from 4.499,- €

Breed - 29" Baritone - Living Colour

Available from 4.699,- €

Zodiac - 29" Baritone - Blackburst

Available from 4.499,- €

Zodiac Excalibur - 29" Baritone - Blackburst

Available from 4.999,- €

Hellcaster 7 - 27,6" Bariton - Copperfade

Available from 4.599,- €

V7 - 27,6" Bariton - Blackburst

Available from 4.699,- €

V7 - 29" Bariton - Tobaccoburst

Available from 4.799,- €

V7 - 29" Bariton - Living Colour

Available from 4.499,- €

Zodiac - 30,8" Bariton (Ext. Range) - Blackburst

Available from 4.799,- €